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Android Tablet PC Review 2011 Best android tablets 7'8'9.7'10'inch tablet and android tablet leather case with keyboard review

Flytouch 3 Fast Flytouch 3 Android 2.2 Tablet PC

The Flytouch 2 Super Pad Update version Super Pad 2 Flytouch 3 Android 2.2 Tablet PC

the Flytouch 3 Tablets have fast Processor: Infortm X220 ARM11 1Ghz and 512MB Ram Built In GPS and Rom support 4-8GB

Support adobe Flash 10.1 Player

Android 2.2 System Support Flash 10.1 , you can player online video youtube and Facebook game

The Flytouch 3 Tablet PC support Android Market

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super pad 2 Flytouch 3

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